Tiffany, Jada, Yvonne, and Willow All Revealed Why They Shaved Their Heads

Portrait of four women with shaved heads next to each other.Courtesy of Facebook Watch/Red Table Talk

Red Table Talk is back on Facebook Watch for a fourth season, and its hosts, Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jada's mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris (better known as Gammy), kicked things off with a very vulnerable discussion. On Wednesday, September 15, they were joined by comedian Tiffany Haddish and Insecure star Yvonne Orji for a candid conversation about shaving their heads. 

Haddish starts off by sharing her story behind getting the Big Chop, noting that she shaved her head after spending some time reading the Bible and the Torah. "During that pandemic time — the beginning of the pandemic — I was reading the Bible more, checking up on the Torah and everything. Everything is talking about know thyself, know thyself," she said. In addition to spending some time with God in the early weeks of the pandemic, the comedian was doing reshoots for a movie that involved wearing braids that would have "taken hours [to take out]," further affirming her decision to cut her hair. 

Jada shared her story next, and she says to Haddish that her desire to shave her head was also "a mixture of a spiritual calling and dealing with hair loss. "Girl, at some point, you're hairline's going to be back here, [gestures to the back of her scalp], so we might as well just do it now," she says. Once the hair was all gone, Jada said she felt "more connected to myself and to the great divine in a very special way."

The discussion then turned to Willow, who confessed that getting up to do her hair every morning as a kid "just always felt just like a challenge or a chore." She continued: "And I just didn't feel beautiful. Like, I just felt like I looked like a Troll doll."

This frank conversation on shaving hair concluded with Yvonne Orji's story. Similar to Haddish, she decided to get the Big Chop in self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic as well. "I was looking like Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons 'cause [the hair] was growing out on the side. One day, I was like, ‘You know what? Let's go ahead and make this thing happen," she said.

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As Willow said, "hair holds energy," and even though these women no longer have these vessels of ardor, they all look as gorgeous as ever with their buzzcuts. To watch the full conversation — which includes how they dealt with the wide range of positive and negative reactions people around them had to the new, short styles — check out the first episode of Red Table Talk's fourth season on Facebook Watch above. 


How to Use Bronzer In Your Makeup Routine

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Source: @istina.matters

The first beauty product you probably fumble with is bronzer. Maybe it’s too orange (even Selena Gomez admits to being there), maybe it’s muddy, maybe you just applied way too much—bronzer, in all, is tough to get right. But not all is lost. We’re making headway every day in the beauty industry toward better shade ranges, easier applications, and overall better formulations. While we wait, we’re sharing all the need-to-knows about bronzer: how to apply it, where to apply it, how to choose a shade, and more. Wondering how to use bronzer to finally enhance your features? You’ve come to the right place.


In this article

What is Bronzer?

What is Contour?

Where to Apply Bronzer and Contour

How to Choose A Bronzer Shade

What Bronzer Formula to Try

Matte vs. Shimmer


Meet the expert
Renee Loiz
Renee Loiz is an LA-based makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. Her work has been featured on red carpets and in advertisements for brands like Target, Disney, and Urban Outfitters.


What is Bronzer?

Bronzer is a way to add depth and dimension to your face, especially when you’re wearing a full face of foundation. “Bronzers are warmer with a redder undertone and are used to warm up your face and give a sunkissed look,” said celebrity makeup artist Renée Loiz. The skin isn’t naturally one color. Whether naturally or from being out in the sun, we’ll always have a few different shades in different parts of our faces, and bronzer is there to alleviate that.

People often use bronzer to contour their face, adding shading and shadows to create a slimmer or more chiseled appearance. It’s also used to give a summertime glow, like you just got back from vacation.


What is Contour? 

On the contrary, contour products are for sculpting your face. You’ve seen makeup gurus contour their nose or TikTokers turn themselves into Harry Styles—all using contour. Contour is all about shading, so it’s typically a cool-tone, grayish color that mimics what a natural shadow would look like on your face, but you can also contour with a neutral bronzer depending on your skin tone and preferences. 

When you’re looking at a contour product, assume it’s a cool or a neutral tone, while bronzer might lean warm. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Balm Contour

This contour balm has a lightweight consistency that blends like butter—and the shade range is one of the best we’ve seen.

Shop it now

Kiko Milano

Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour

This creamy stick contour comes in two cool tone shades that sculpt your face without making you look dry or ashy.

Shop it now


Where to Apply Bronzer and Contour



Where you apply bronzer all depends on the shade and the look you’re going for. If the shade is only a little darker than your skin, you can apply bronzer all over with a fluffy brush and a light hand to give a sunkissed glow to the skin. If the bronzer is more than one shade darker, then you’ll want to focus it in the “3E” method: around the temples, under the cheekbones, and under the jawline, creating a “3” and an “E” on each side of your face. This method is pretty foolproof. You often see people applying bronzer and contouring in little dots all over their faces or in complicated shapes, and while that works, it doesn’t have to be so elaborate to get results. 

“Don’t forget to sweep bronzer along your neck and chest to match your face,” Loiz suggested. 



With contour, your application might depend on your face shape and what you’re hoping to chisel. 

  • If you want a slimmer nose, apply contour in two lines on either side of your nose. The closer together the lines, the slimmer your nose will appear. 
  • If you want to enhance cheekbones, apply contour just above the cheekbone and blend down. Make sure to focus this far back toward your ear too. 
  • If you want to make your forehead appear smaller, apply contour to the top of the forehead and blend upward toward your hairline. 
  • If you want a more pronounced jawline, apply contour right on top of the jawline and blend down, underneath the jaw. To really make it pop, add a bit of concealer between the jawline and cheekbone to carve it out and make that area look really enhanced. 
  • To make your face appear shorter, apply your cheekbone contour in a vertical line and blend out toward your ears. 


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How to Choose A Bronzer Shade

Bronzer is about adding warmth and dimension, which is often why people can go overboard if they pick the wrong shade. When you naturally flush, what shade does your skin go? That’s the bronzer you should choose, according to Loiz. Choose a shade that matches how your skin would change if you spent a day out in the sun (before you started slathering on buckets of sunscreen). It’s all about looking natural and enhancing your skin, not covering it up or changing its tone. 

If you have a very cool undertone, a warm-tone bronzer will likely pull very orange on your face—a major no-no. In this case, you’ll want to opt for neutral or even cooler-toned bronzers that enhance your natural skin. This is also important for very fair skin. 

On the other hand, people with very warm undertones will need a warm, even leaning red, bronzer that matches the undertone in their skin. Cool contours might look muddy on their face, as if they just rubbed dirt all over their faces instead of makeup. 

As for depth, your bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone. If it’s any darker, it’s easy to go overboard. Any lighter, you’ll have to work pretty hard for the product to show up against anything else you have on your face. 


What Bronzer Formula to Try



Cream bronzer isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s typically a bit harder to blend, but it’s easier than ever to find a thin formula that’s seamless on skin. Loiz explained that creams have a “softer, sheerer” finish, so they can look a bit more natural once blended out. A few years ago, the only cream bronzer we knew of was Chanel’s Sol Tan De Chanel, an orange-y shade that only worked on light skin tones (now they have one other shade, but that only just released this year). Now, cream bronzers can be in vast shade ranges, in easy-to-use formulations, and in better packaging. 

Fenty Beauty

Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer

This creamy formula offers a full range of shades for just about every skin tone. Our editors love this because it’s sheer and easy to use, making the application seamless and easy for travel.

Shop it now

Makeup By Mario

Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick

Sephora has been struggling to keep these in stock since they launched. With a built-in brush and easy-to-apply stick, this was made for beginners and anyone on the go.

Shop it now

Em Cosmetics

So Soft Multi Face Play

This cream stick bronzer has a creamy finish that glides over skin and blends in three seconds flat. It comes in three neutral bronzer shades and one cool-tone, greyish contour.

Shop it now

To apply a cream bronzer, use a stippling brush to apply it, and then blend with either the same brush or a beauty sponge. If your product is in a stick form, you can apply it straight from the stick, but it might be easier to blend if you apply with a light hand from a brush.

Fenty Beauty

Cheek Hugging Bronzer Brush

Easily place all of your products right in the contours of your cheek and jawline with this brush.

Shop it now

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Putty Blush Brush

Although this is marketed for blush, it’s the perfect brush for stippling on cream and liquid bronzers before blending with a sponge.

Shop it now


Original BeautyBlender Sponge

Blending in cream and liquid bronzer is one of the best uses for your beauty sponge. It’ll soften the edges and add a touch of radiance without using too much product.

Shop it now



Liquid bronzers are newer on the market, but they’re coming in hot with tons of new products launching just in the last year. A liquid formula is typically a bit runnier than a cream and comes in a tube or dropper. These are usually shimmery or radiant formulas to make your skin extra glowy, unlike a cream that can go both matte and shiny. 


Solar Paint

This liquid/cream hybrid makes applying your bronzer on-the-go a breeze. It has a unique sheen that isn’t shimmery—but definitely isn’t matte either—that makes your face glow.

Don’t let the product images fool you. While these shades look majorly washed out in photos, IRL, they actually go quite deep.

Shop it now

Iconic London

Sheer Bronze Liquid Bronzer

If you want an all-over bronzey glow, this liquid bronzer will give it. This formula is unique because it’s sheer and can be mixed with foundations, primers, and moisturizers to give a bronze sheen to your whole face. But it also works wonders when built up with a brush and applied like a true bronzer.

Shop it now

Apply a liquid bronzer the same as a cream: using a stippling brush or beauty sponge. 



We all know powder bronzers. It’s probably the bronzer you’ve always used. But there’s a reason they’re still around. These bronzers are easier to blend than the others, and when you find the right shade, it’s basically a foolproof application. They have a bit more pigment, but the blendability makes them the most beginner-friendly.  

LYS Beauty

No Limits Matte Bronzer

This bronzer is perfect for beginners because it’s natural and one of the easiest to blend.

Shop it now

Fenty Beauty

Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer

No one was surprised when Fenty up and launched one of the best bronzer ranges we’d ever seen at that point, but it doesn’t make it any less memorable. This range has every depth and undertone down pat—even olive and deep cool. Loiz recommended this as well for the impeccable shade range that works for just about everyone.

Shop it now

Charlotte Tilbury

Airbrush Matte Bronzer

If you love Charlotte’s famed Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, this bronzer has the exact same formulation, just in deeper tones. This makes it blurring on the skin and super blendable. Plus, this package is refillable—granted, the component is so large, I’m not sure who would ever use one up.

Shop it now

Physicians Formula

Butter Bronzer

There was a time where you couldn’t get through a drugstore favorites video on YouTube without this popping up. It’s still one of the most well-known bronzers, especially at the drugstore, because of its smooth texture, natural finish, and amazing coconut scent.

This bronzer, however, is definitely better for light and medium skin tones. Physician’s Formula, please add deeper shades to this range.

Shop it now

The key to powders is using the right tools, like a big, fluffy bronzer brush that will cover a large surface area.


Powder Bronzer Brush

This fluffy brush will offer pinpointed application as well as all-over coverage.

Shop it now


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Matte vs. Shimmer

Matte and shimmer bronzers offer different looks, but there’s room for both in a collection. 

A matte bronzer will focus on making you look sculpted and adding that dimension back into your skin. Matte bronzers are usually a bit harder to blend, as the formula isn’t as soft as something with shimmer might be.

Juvia’s Place

Bronzed Duo

Your skin isn’t just two colors—especially for those with deep skin. This bronzer duo lets you achieve a sculpted, bronzed complexion, combining both a warm and cool-tone bronzer to mix and match.

Shop it now

Benefit Cosmetics

Hoola Bronzer

Hoola Bronzer reigned surpreme for years and years, and now that they’ve finally begun to expand the shade range, it’s still making a name for itself. It’s smooth, easy to apply, and never looks muddy.

Shop it now

ELF Cosmetics

Putty Bronzer

Leave it to e.l.f. to make a cream bronzer at the drugstore with an adequate shade range. This rivals high-end cream bronzers, with its creamy finish and easy-to-blend formula.

Shop it now

A shimmery bronzer formula is all about the glow. You can usually focus a shimmery bronzer’s application higher on the cheekbones to act as a bronzer/highlighter/blush hybrid. They’re easier to blend into the skin, but if it has too much shimmer and not enough depth, you can walk away looking like a disco ball instead of a vacationer. 

Huda Beauty

GloWish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder

Huda’s newest bronzer is for the person who wants to look like they just got back from Tulum. It’s ultra glowy, and the undertones look like you actually got a tan, but it somehow still looks seamless and natural on skin.

Shop it now

Tower 28 Beauty

Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer

This tows the line between cream bronzer and highlighter, containing an ultra-glowy shimmer that never looks glittery or cakey. This bronzer adds just the right amount of color and shine so you truly can have that vacay glow all year ’round.

Shop it now


True Match Lumi Bronze It Bronzer

Say hello to sunkissed skin without any sun damage. This bronzer has a silky texture that glides right onto skin and gives an all-over warm, healthy glow.

Shop it now


Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Applying the Perfect Blush


New to Eye Makeup? Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Everything Eyeshadow and More



How To Upgrade Your Apartment for Fall Like a French Girl

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Source: Alaina Kaczmarski

I love summer just as much as the next girl, but my apartment is itching to be decorated for fall. I want nothing but pumpkin spice candles and cozy pillows and am ready to never see pastel throw pillows or faux greenery again. Since I am a French girl wannabe (no, really), I decided to research how French girls are updating their homes for fall (because I’m guessing it’s not with a Hocus Pocus doormat or Bath & Body Works candle). And, of course, the current French decor trends did not disappoint. Not only will they get your home ready for more nights in and cold weather, but they’ll also give your entire style a total upgrade. 

Bonus hot tip: Call us biased, but the gorgeous pieces from The Everygirl’s collab with Interior Define come in a variety of shades in luxe velvet fabrics, ranging from chic neutrals to gorgeous jewel tones (but more on that below). Thanks to their timeless design and effortless appeal, we like to think the entire collection has that “je ne sais quoi.” Read on to check out the collection and find out how to update your home for the coziest season like a French girl. 



chair (in citrine) / side table / rug (in grey) / dried flowers / vase / gallery wall set

The weather is getting colder, which means Parisians are trading in their easy breezy neutrals for richer, darker jewel tones. Think: emerald, sapphire, ruby, and cobalt blue. Not only will a jewel-toned accent or furniture piece add a hue of royalty to your home, but it will also make your entire space feel more seasonally appropriate and cozy. 


Geometric accent furniture

couch (in iron) / ottoman / tray / faux eucalyptus / floor lamp / mirrors

This season, French girls are ditching anything that feels too stuffy and making their classic couches feel new again with geometric and modern furniture. Embrace those curves with oval coffee tables, rounded accent chairs, and eye-catching headboards. Aim for a mix of sharp corners (like a square couch) and rounded edges (like a curved chair) for an effortless look. 


Chunky marble

couch (sectional in greige) / coffee table / mirror / coffee table books / floor lamp / faux plant

No surprise: Parisians are all about their marble decor. The stylish (and classy) material goes with a lot of styles and can be found in many different price ranges. Opt for chunkier pieces that are full marble design rather than marble mixed with wood or gold, as it will look newer (and Parisians are all about that I-just-found-this-at-a-flea-market feel). Try it in an accent on your bookshelves or as a side table. 


Mix furniture

couch (the loveseat in sterling) / chair / ottoman / wall prints / plant

PSA: Parisians are not buying matching furniture sets and calling it a day. Interior design is an art, and they want their home to tell their stories. They’ll often mismatch colors or pick furniture from different styles or time periods to look intentionally contrasted. Think: a modern art piece with grandmillenial-style couch and a mid-century coffee table. 


Ornate art

chair (in navy) / end table / rug / Côte d’Azur print / Brigitte Bardot print / The Swing art print / Matisse print / black and white print / statue print / faux peonies

French girls know that art on the wall is like a pair of shoes: It’s the piece that draws the eye and can show off your style. When furniture is simple, a gallery wall can really shine. Don’t be afraid to combine colorful, edgy, and unique works to the walls (remember: The mismatched, effortless feel is the goal), and either mismatch frames for a more eclectic vibe or go with basic white to let the art do the talking. 


Velvet Sofas Are a Dream—Here’s How to Style Yours



The Everygirl designed this product line in collaboration with Interior Define. If you buy a piece from our collection, we may earn a commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.


Best of Beauty 2021: Home Goods

7 Allure Best of BeautyWinning Relaxing Products for Home  Candles and Hand Soap

Allure/Clara Hendler

Behind the closed doors of your home, you can slather on creams, twist up your hair, and sit around with eye patches on until your heart and skin are content. Here at Allure, our personal space became research labs as we put hundreds of beauty products to the test for this year's Best of Beauty Awards. At the end of our days swiping and swatching, there were a few items that also helped transform the space or, at the very least, signal the switch off from work to relaxation mode. 

Included in this year's winners are a small batch of home goods, including a skin-hydrating humidifier to keep on hand as we creep toward cold and dry weather, an essential oil set to help you unwind or perk up as needed, and a hair towel that will save you both time and potential damage down the line on your washdays. 

These products are made to upgrade your beauty and wellness routines at home or in any space where you find peace and comfort. Keep scrolling to see our picks, and be sure to check out all of the other Best of Beauty winners that we tried in our homes over the past few months. 

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

KeywordsAllure Best of Beautyshoppingshopping guidehomecandleswellnessHumidifiersessential oilssilk bonnet


The Fall Fashion I’m Buying With My $200 Budget

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m the proud CEO of taking everything too far—especially fall fashion.

If I like a TV show (as evidenced by my experience with The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Outer Banks), I’ll rewatch episodes and seasons over and over until I know every line and use them effortlessly in everyday conversation. I love pizza rolls so much that my obsession with them has become a bit of a personality trait. In an effort to learn how to budget and invest, I spent $145 on financial self-help books. Note: I have yet to read said books.

Moderation is not my strong suit, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen into the trap of overspending on fall fashion year after year. This season, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of haphazardly and sporadically clicking “add to cart” throughout the entire season, I’m allowing myself to purchase everything now (and now only) with the plan to stop swiping my credit card after I hit $200.

After much deliberation, deleting item after item from my list to stay within budget, and searching for my favorite seasonal trends, I’m excited to introduce the fall fashion items I’m adding to my wardrobe for fall 2021:


Oversized Shirt Jacket

I have been obsessing over the oversized shacket trend for so long and am finally pulling the trigger on ordering one for myself this season. I usually wear a small, but this time around, I’m sizing up to a medium for an oversized look that I’ll turn to on days when I want to be both comfortable and cool. As much as I love fall, easing into it takes a lot of careful layering (read: 55 degrees when you leave the house, 75 degrees when you walk home), so this bad boy is sure to come in handy.

2 colors available

Shop it now

Nasty Gal

Faux Leather Blazer

Last year, one of my friends allowed me the pleasure of borrowing her oversized, faux leather blazer when we decided to take a G.N.O. downtown. Upon wiggling into it, I promptly fell in love, took it home to dry clean it, and stared at it as it hung on my clothing rack for a little longer than I should have. I considered changing my name, moving out of the country, and starting a life on a small farm so that I wouldn’t ever have to give it back, but alas, my guilty conscience prevailed, and I returned it in two business days. This year, I’m buying one of my own so that I can throw it on to elevate any fall fit.

Shop it now


Lug Sole Boots

While I consider my Dr. Martens to be my #1 fall staple, I have found that they aren’t always as versatile as I’d like them to be, and with some outfits, they can be a bit distracting. My goal for this year was to buy a pair of black boots that were a little bit more understated but still on-trend, so as soon as I saw these super affordable Chelsea boots, I couldn’t help but hit “add to cart.”

2 colors available

Shop it now


Cable-Knit Sweater Vest

In my opinion, there is no cooler feat than when a person can pull off a fashion-forward sweater vest. Of all of the items that I’ll be picking up this season, this vest is probably the most on-trend and one that I can’t wait to style. Will I look half as cool as the fashion girls that I see sporting them on Pinterest? Most likely not. But will I die trying? Absolutely.

2 colors available

Shop it now


Collared Jersey Dress

After five months of avoiding pants like the plague, I figured I’d keep the momentum going as long as the Chicago weather will allow. This collared dress is such a great transition piece into the season and one that will pair well with a peacoat, sweater vest, shacket, or cardigan and can be worn with knee-high boots and sneaks alike. I have a strong feeling that I’ll be living in this.

3 colors available

Shop it now


The Everygirl’s Guide to Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends



Inside the 7 Hours It Takes to Turn Jessica Chastain Into Tammy Faye Bakker

polaroids of tammy faye bakker and jessica chastain playing bakker in the eyes of tammy faye movieFox Searchlight Pictures; Getty Images. Design by Clara Hendler

In the opening scene from The Eyes of Tammy Faye, the infamous televangelist, played by Jessica Chastain, tells a makeup artist that she won't be removing her lashes for a shoot. It's a callback to Fenton Bailey's and Randy Barbato's 2000 documentary, on which the 2021 film is based. "That's my trademark, and if I take my trademark away, then it’s not me," Tammy Faye Bakker says in the documentary. "You can do anything else, but my eyelashes stay where they are." Bakker was a four-foot-eleven firecracker with big lashes, and an even bigger heart, who loved Jesus as much as she loved her L’Oreal Waterproof Lash Out Mascara. She would become known for her over-the-top look as much as she would the scandals that befell the multimillion-dollar evangelism empire she started with her then-husband Jim Bakker.

Tammy Faye Bakker (later Messner) was a gospel singer from the Midwest who rose to fame in the 1970s, due to the success of The PTL Club (also known as The Jim and Tammy Show), a daily religious talk show she hosted with Jim. Her look was intense compared to the average Christian woman: eyelashes heavily coated with mascara, bright eyeshadow, overdrawn lips, an assemblage of wigs, and a closet filled with fur, animal print, and rhinestones galore.

While Bakker wasn't the only televangelist with eccentric style (The Trinity Broadcasting Network's Jan Crouch, her one-time collaborator, was known for her own gigantic, lilac-hued hairstyle), she stood out from her colleagues because she supported the gay community. During its height in the 1980s, The PTL Club's viewership reached over 13 million homes and brought in close to $130 million in annual revenue — until it all came crashing down.

Financial and sex scandals plagued the Bakkers, leading to Jim's arrest and every late-night talk show host to use Tammy Faye as a mascara tears-filled punchline. Saturday Night Live's Jan Hooks became known for her Tammy Faye impressions, while other comedians like Jay Leno and Johnny Carson frequently mocked her; it was said she "had an addiction to Maybelline." (She had an actual addiction to Ativan and once overdosed.) You can still buy T-shirts depicting a face smeared with lipstick and eyeshadow that read, "I ran into Tammy Faye at the mall." But those jokes never came between Bakker and her mascara wand. "What people don't get is when they make fun of me, I'm in on it. So it's OK," Bakker once told Larry King.

Making Tammy Faye was a passion project for Chastain, whose own opinion of Bakker had changed after she watched the original documentary. "I had this judgment against her, and I realized it's so fascinating how the media can give everyone a collective memory that may not really be the truth," Chastain told the LA Times. "I wanted to do something about it to honor her."

A Tale of Prosthetics and Drugstore Makeup

still from The Eyes of Tammy Faye featuring Andrew Garfield as Jim Bakker and Jessica Chastain as Tammy Faye Bakker....

Garfield and Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Fox Searchlight Picturesjim bakker and tammy faye bakker greeting supporters as they leave federal court during jim's trial for fraud and conspiracy

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker greeting supporters during Jim’s trial.

Getty Images

Chastain, who was also a producer on the film, accurately portrayed all of Bakker's quirks, from her Diet Coke obsession (there’s a closeup of her cracking open a can with a nail file) to the Vicks VapoRub she kept on her nightstand (Bakker applied it as a neck cream every evening), to her habit of wearing a full face of makeup to bed. (She told the LA Times in 1987: "Jim has very seldom seen me without makeup and hardly ever in my life without my eyelashes.") To recreate her famous look, from the wigs, to the shoulder pads, and, of course, the spidery lashes, Chastain underwent a full transformation to portray Bakker over four decades, requiring four to seven hours in the makeup chair as makeup, wigs, and extensive prosthetics were applied. (Andrew Garfield, who plays Jim, also wore prosthetics.)

"Tammy was somebody who — she was very specific, very proud of the way she looked," Linda Dowds, makeup department head for the film and longtime makeup artist for Chastain, tells Allure. "She'd always put herself together, and we wanted to honor that." Bakker's key beauty looks in the film spanned from the early 1960s, when she first met and married Jim Bakker, to pivotal moments in the early and late '70s and '80s, finally ending in 1994 (when she had her lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrows, and a beauty mark permanently tattooed). "Everything that she did was very matchy-matchy, so we played mostly within the realms of blues, lilacs, and pink shadows," says Dowds. "With the lip color, she loved pink, so we did a lot of that."

special effects artists applying prosthetics to jessica chastain for the movie the eyes of tammy faye

The team applying prosthetics to Chastain.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Despite her financial success, Bakker still preferred to buy drugstore makeup, and sometimes bought her makeup at the swapmeet, so Dowds did the same to create the looks. Because Bakker's favorite mascara, L’Oreal Lash Out, had been discontinued sometime in the early aughts, Dowds figured out a good substitute was L'Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara (coated over Ardell Individual Knot Free Flare Lashes). Sometimes Dowds would reuse the lashes so they looked even more realistic: "Tammy said, 'Who said you can't put mascara on fake lashes? I do it all the time.' And so that's what we did." For eyeshadow, Dowds used quads from the Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour and L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche collections. At least nine different Revlon lipsticks were used, including the shade Cherries in the Snow, which has been in the brand's lineup for decades. For Bakker's always-impeccable manicure, pre-painted Kiss Press On Nails were used.

According to Dowds, there were two key elements in creating Tammy: the beauty side and the prosthetic elements. "It was super important to me that we never lost sight of the beauty aspect of Tammy's makeup," she says. "Combining prosthetics and beauty can be challenging at the best of times, but I believe more so when recreating Tammy; her look was 'large' in real life, and combined with prosthetics I was always aware of the risk of crossing a sometimes very fine line between being authentic, and going over the top in an untruthful way."

The Making of Tammy's Face

Justin Raleigh, the film's prosthetic makeup designer, says that when he's designing prosthetics, he tries to find the "hallmark elements" that are similar between the actor and their character. "Obviously, with Tammy, it's her cheeks; she has these big round cheeks, and Jessica has a very sculpted, sort of angular face, so that's a key hallmark element," Raleigh explains. "You don't want to completely lose your actor, but you need enough to transform them into the other person." Aside from enhancing Chastain's cheeks so they resembled Bakker's, the prosthetic work included filling in Chastain's chin dimple, pulling her nose up a bit, and changing her lip line. 

still of jessica chastain as tammy faye bakker in the eyes of tammy faye. chastain wears a white dress and blue...

Chastain as Bakker

Fox Searchlight Picturestammy faye bakker wearing a bright red sweater and blue eyeshadow holding up a stuffed white bear to the camera

Tammy Faye Bakker

Getty Images

Keeping a balance between authenticity and avoiding caricature was an important focus for the team. If an eyelash fell on Chastain's cheek or her mascara was smudged, and it worked for the scene, they might keep it. But since Bakker's appearance was often fodder for late-night talk show hosts, Dowds was "very conscious" of not perpetuating that with her makeup. "You never want the audience to be taken out of the film because something that you have done pulled them out of it, or something became so distracting," he says.

The Wigs of Tammy Faye

hair stylists and makeup artists touching up jessica chastain on the set of the eyes of tammy faye

Touch-ups on set.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Hair department head Stephanie Ingram custom-made 10 wigs for Chastain to wear throughout the film, including a blonde bouffant flip for a ‘60s party scene and a curly 1980s mullet. While her makeup became dramatically bolder over the years, Bakker’s hair had an evolution of its own. In the scene when she first meets Jim, she's a brunette, which is followed by her blonde days, and then varying shades of red in the later years. In her 2003 autobiography, I Will Survive… and You Will, Too!, Bakker refers to her wigs as "kind of like my security blanket" and includes advice on how to properly care for them. "I think every woman should have at least one wig for emergencies," she writes.

The Final Touches

still of jessica chastain as tammy faye bakker in the eyes of tammy faye. chastain sits at a vanity applying makeup.

Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Fox Searchlight Pictures

To bring Tammy Faye's iconic look together, costume designer Mitchell Travers worked closely with the makeup team to make sure that the body padding matched the proportions of the prosthetic sculpt. "We also used clever jewelry placement to help hide prosthetic seams on the neck and ears," Travers tells Allure. "I collaborated with the hair designer to make sure that all of the looks were carefully considered head to toe. Tammy was the type of woman who'd match a scrunchie to her shoes, or a silk head scarf to her purse. She really believed in a full look!"

In her autobiography, Bakker admits that she's never been able to figure out why people have taken her makeup so seriously, especially her lashes. "Little fake hairs with black mascara on them — how can they cause such a stir?" she writes. "Must be a lot of bored people around…" Dowds admires how Bakker never apologized for her look at all even though she knew that people made fun of her. "She was so grounded in the fact that that's what made her happy. She loved putting on makeup," says Dowds. "One of the things that I so respected about her was that she lived her own truth. She liked how she looked, she didn't matter what other people thought, and she would just throw on a little more if she felt like it."


Is It Normal To Bleed After Sex? We Asked Experts

Source: Lunya

There’s no worse post-sex feeling than going to the bathroom and looking down at your underwear to find a spot of blood. You quickly think to yourself, “Am I on my period?” and when the answer is no, you start panic-searching and land on WebMd, only to read about the absolute worst-case, no-chill scenarios. But is there reason to panic, or is it normal to bleed after sex?

Bleeding after sex is actually an extremely common occurrence. And although in most cases it’s perfectly harmless, in other cases, it has the potential to lead to some tricky issues. We sat down with a few trusted doctors to ask as many questions as we could about post-coital bleeding so that next time, you won’t have to resort to Google.

Meet the expert
Dr. Melissa Wong
Dr. Wong is an OB-GYN at Boston Medical Center.

Meet the expert
Dr. Lauren Demosthenes
Dr. Demosthenes is an OB-GYN and professor in South Carolina.

Meet the expert
Dr. Nicole Williams
Dr. Williams is a gynecologist in Chicago and an author.


What are the different reasons we might bleed after sex?

There are a ton of different reasons why someone might experience bleeding after sex, and these reasons can range from something as harmless as vaginal dryness to something more severe. This is why it’s important to educate ourselves on the topic as much as we can and talk to a professional when needed. 


Source: ColorJoy Stock


Vaginal dryness or inflammation

Listen, being sensitive doesn’t make you weak, and the same applies to our vaginas. Our vaginas are powerful, but the delicate balance of healthy bacteria down there can make them, as well as the surrounding vulva area, a bit sensitive.

“For people who are receiving penetrative sex (meaning something is being inserted into the vagina), bleeding can happen as a result of stretching or scratching of the vaginal surfaces,” said Melissa L. Wong, M.D., OB/GYN at Boston Medical Center.

And if you have any of these cuts, scratches, or small abrasions in or around your vagina, your body may not be producing as much fluid as usual.

“Vaginal dryness can lead to small abrasions after intercourse, and these may bleed,” said Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, senior medical director at Babyscripts. “So if you experience vaginal dryness, using a lubricant with intercourse may definitely help.”

According to Dr. Nicole Williams, Chicago gynecologist and author of This Is How You Vagina: All About the Vajayjay and Why You Probably Shouldn’t Call It That, if you don’t really experience any vagina dryness when having sex, inflammation might also be a cause of bleeding.

“Generally, I find women who bleed after sex, unassociated with menstruation, will usually have inflammation of the cervix or vagina, which is usually just treated with a topical antibiotic for several days,” Dr. Williams said.


Vaginal infection

Like I mentioned earlier, vaginas house a balanced system of “good” and “bad” bacteria that keep us healthy. But when this balance gets knocked out of whack, it can lead to a vaginal infection.

One of the most common vaginal infections is a yeast infection. This can occur when your antifungal bacteria is off balance, which allows for an overgrowth of a fungus called candida (a type of yeast).

Now before you get too grossed out by the thought of a fungus in your body, you should know that we actually have yeast in our bodies at all times, and it’s actually very healthy. Only when there’s an overgrowth is there a problem.

A common symptom of yeast or vaginal infection is itching, which can sometimes be severe. “Vaginal infections can cause a lot of itching, and scratching down there may lead to bleeding,” Dr. Demosthenes said.


Period-related bleeding

According to Dr. Williams, it’s also possible that you might experience period-related bleeding after sex, even after your period is over.

“If you are at the end of your menstrual cycle, you may experience some bleeding after sex due to some leftover tissue in the uterus,” Dr. Williams said.


Source: ColorJoy Stock



Certain types of STIs may also lead to post-coital bleeding. “Vaginal or vulvar lesions like herpes or syphilis may bleed after contact during sex,” Dr. Demosthenes said. “And other STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause an abnormal discharge and some light bleeding.”

Dr. Demosthenes noted that whether you have vaginal bleeding or not, getting screened for STIs is crucial when engaging with any new sexual partners.



According to Dr. Wong, bleeding after sex may be a sign of something a bit more abnormal, “such as the growth of a polyp or mass.”

Cervical polyps are growths that can be found on the edge of the cervix where it meets the vagina, and although they’re usually benign, it’s always a good idea to get them looked at in case.

“A polyp on the cervix or in the uterus can also cause persistent bleeding, and these can usually be removed in the office or as an outpatient procedure if necessary,” Dr. Demosthenes said.


Cervical cancer

In rare cases, bleeding after sex can be a sign of a more serious issue. “Cervical cancers and cancers of the uterus may also lead to bleeding after intercourse, so people who are not up to date on their pap smears should have this checked out as soon as possible,” Dr. Demosthenes said.



A uterus naturally has tissue that grows inside and forms a lining along its walls, which is why we bleed during our periods. Endometriosis is a problem that can occur when tissue begins to form on the outside of the uterus, causing a lot of pain, heavy cramps, and sometimes chronic fatigue. A very common symptom of endometriosis is bleeding after sex.


Source: We-Vibe Toys | Unsplash


What to do if you bleed after sex

The first thing to do is try your best not to panic because chances are, you may just need to load up on some lube next time you have sex. However, it’s important to be aware of your body in these moments, and whether or not you see a doctor should depend on how often the bleeding occurs, how much blood there is, and if there is pain along with it.

“If bleeding after sex happens once in a while and is no heavier than spotting, it’s probably normal,” Dr. Wong said. “But if you consistently bleed after sex, you feel pain after sex, or if the bleeding becomes heavy like a period, you may want to talk to your health care provider to make sure there’s nothing abnormal going on.”

If there’s any doubt in your mind, it never hurts to go get a check-up for peace of mind. Besides, knowing that everything is OK down there can help us be fully present and have way more enjoyable sex!


5 Things You’re Doing to Your Vagina That You Shouldn’t Be


5 Things an OB-GYN Wants You to Know About Sex



31 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands Doing It Pa La Cultura

31 Latinx Owned Beauty Brands Doing It Pa La Cultura

Courtesy of Ruth Torres

Though there are plenty of Latinxs who are beauty icons (see: Selena Quintanilla and Cardi B, just to name two) the diversity of the community has not always been represented or catered to in the beauty industry Because of that, more and more Latinxs, including some of your favorite celebrities and influencers, are creating their own brands and expanding representation.

The Latinx community spans over 20 countries, includes a multitude of languages that isn't limited to just Spanish and English, and has a racial and cultural diversity that isn't often shown in media, so it's a tough job to try to represent all of that. But there are Latinx-owned brands and influencers who are doing that work to help promote a more inclusive image within the beauty industry. For example, in 2014, Carolina Contreras opened up her natural hair salon, Miss Rizos Salon, in the Dominican Republic to push more people to embrace their curls and kinks. On the makeup side is beauty influencer Monica Veloz (also known as @MonicaStyleMuse) who is constantly promoting beauty brands that serve darker skin tones, or what she calls "morenita-friendly." 

We've curated our own list to highlight some of our favorite Latinx-owned hair, makeup, and skin-care brands. Scroll down and get ready to find amazing products that will make you click "add to your cart" instantly — and over and over.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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How to Get a Serious Fall Skin-Care Routine for Just $23

Photo of Allure Beauty Box September 2021 filled with beauty products in front of pink backgroundCourtesy of brand

If you're not already an Allure Beauty Box subscriber, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Each month, we lovingly pack our favorite beauty products into a shiny white-and-red box and deliver them to your doorstep. You, too, can get said shiny box sent straight to your door — filled with $165 of luxury beauty products for just $23 — if you become a member now. 

Intrigued? Here's what you'll find in this month's box, which is filled with products to revamp your seasonal skin-care routine — just in time for fall.

It starts with the Australian peel that everyone is talking about: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Exfoliating Tonic (full size) is so popular that two bottles sell every minute worldwide. This is not a typical peel (clearly!). It's gentle enough to leave on overnight but effective enough (with 5 percent glycolic acid and licorice root extract) to dissolve dead skin cells, brighten, and act like a reset button for skin. One editor's stubborn post-breakout dark spot finally faded after a week of using it. Lucky for you, you'll find a full-size version in the box.

Next up, a clean beauty serum that (sensing a theme here?) isn't like any average serum. Acure Radically Rejuvenating Dual Phase Bakuchiol Serum uses one of skin care's buzziest ingredients, a retinol alternative called bakuchiol, to smooth, soften lines, and minimize breakouts. The bottle contains a dual-phase formula: blue essence (with soothing antioxidants like turmeric) and yellow serum (a moisturizing blend with jojoba oil). Shake them together until it turns green, and apply a few drops to clean skin.

Top it off with Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb or Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, K-Beauty moisturizers that we love for giving skin a rush of hydration while helping it look smooth. (We are not the only ones: Aqua Bomb is a classic with a loyal following, while Moisturizing Bomb is the latest moisturizer from Belif.)

And no skin-care routine is complete without sunscreen, so finish yours off with a full-size bottle of one from a little brand you may have heard of, Sunday Riley. Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. The skin-care brand's first sunscreen is pink and it is good, soothing skin (and one editors' redness) with turmeric extract and safflower seed oil as it protects. And for a super-indulgent way to glow from the neck down, lavender-scented bath salts, Kneipp Lavender Mineral Bath Salt.

But really, is any fall refresh complete without a perfect berry lipstick? So you will be getting a dreamy rich lip color, too: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick In Trust Issues (full size) or Oryza Beauty Opus Velvet Ribbon Lipstick (full size).

And as a little thank you, new members will also be gifted these amazing eye products: Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes (long, fluttery false lashes have been best sellers since they launched in 2013) and the ByMe x MyBeautyBrand Liquid Eyeliner (pitch-black liquid pigment in a budge-proof formula, full size). Subscribe to the Allure Beauty Box today for your gifts — and so much more.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


How I Started Investing for the First Time

Some things in life are just begging to be pushed to the end of my to-do list, not to be done until I’m absolutely forced to: filing my taxes, making the appointment to get my yearly skin check, calling maintenance to finally fix my finicky door lock—the list goes on, and for me, finally dipping my toe into investing always had a permanent spot on my to-do-eventually list.

To say I’ve always felt as if I didn’t have enough knowledge to even know where to begin investing is an understatement; I’ve always felt like I didn’t even know what I didn’t know—a notch below “absolutely clueless.” My journalism major ensured I learned absolutely nothing about finance in college, and it felt like—even at 24—I was so desperately behind the pack that it was too late for me to really get a grasp on the stock market.

This year got me to do the things I had been pushing aside because I was busy, and after weeks of writing “START INVESTING” at the top of my planner, I decided it wasn’t something I could push off anymore. Enter: Public.com. Public is an investing social network where investors can own fractional shares of stocks and ETFs, making the barrier to entry significantly lower than other investing platforms. They know that a significant reason why many don’t invest is due to a lack of financial literacy, so they aim to unlock the stock market to a wider range of people through the empowerment of a community where you can learn and grow.

It felt like Public was welcoming my non-experienced self with open arms. Their mission is to make the stock market inclusive and fun, two words that felt like the opposite of other website’s goals. They also incorporate a social media aspect, where members can share ideas and news in a feed with other investors. This meant that I would be able to learn and grow my confidence with the help of other, real people, not just stock experts that I would feel were talking down to me.

After years and years of putting it off, I can finally say that I, Madeline Galassi, am an investor. Here’s where I began, how it all went, and what I learned:


*The following is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.



Where I began

In partnership with Public, they gave me $500 to begin investing. Once I had my funds in my app, I was prompted to invest in blue-chip stocks like Google and Apple to get my portfolio built. I chose to divide my $500 between five stocks, investing $100 each in Google, Apple, Disney, Amazon, and Visa.

The process was much easier than I had anticipated. I expected to be greeted with hard-to-understand jargon, but Public helped me get my money invested in the stock market immediately, and then I could easily trade and sell my stocks from there, right in the app. 

To decide what to trade, I relied on the social network part of Public to educate myself. I looked at what fellow traders were talking and excited about, which helped me understand which stocks were currently doing well without needing to have the NASDAQ ticker up on my TV all day (or have men on cable screaming about what I should invest in). I learned from real people who spoke in layman’s terms, and it helped me decide to invest in ACN (Accenture Public), something I previously had no knowledge about.

Being able to interact with other, real investors made investing something I actually looked forward to. I checked my app every day and watched my shares go up and down and began to understand why. I felt empowered, curious, and excited—three words I never thought I’d associate with my investing experience.


Everything You Need to Know to Start Investing in The Stock Market
all your investing questions, answered


Why fractional shares are a total game changer

My initial investments were toward blue-chip stocks with high buy-in rates, so how did I do it with only $500? One share of Google is currently $2,846, and I obviously didn’t have that to invest, but since Public lets you invest in portions of stocks (what I learned is called fractional shares), I was able to say the exact amount (which could be anything) that I wanted to put toward each stock. This meant that I still got to be an investor in these profitable, reputable companies that give a reliable return to investors, just at a scale that I could afford.

Something I learned quickly was how important being able to invest in fractional shares is to an investor, especially a beginner like me. Blue-chip stocks have extraordinarily high costs per share, which are amounts that someone like me would be uncomfortable investing in to start (and that I simply didn’t have the funds for). But being able to invest in portions of these stocks is important because of their return rate to investors. They consistently grow and make investors money, and by being able to invest an amount I chose, I could reap those benefits without needing to pay the high barrier to entry, which is a win for me.



I’m constantly learning from real investors

Public.com provides learning resources on their website, which helped answer the questions I had, from the super basic ones to the more in-depth. They had answers to questions I was embarrassed to ask—they even have a page dedicated to answering “what is a stock?”

I made it a goal to read through one question every day for a few weeks, which got me familiar with concepts I didn’t think I’d understand for a while, from what blue-chip stocks are (and look, today I was able to talk about them in my own words!) to understanding index funds. I was able to stick to it because their answers were free from intimidating jargon and instead stuck to terms that I was able to completely understand—and even find interesting—as someone with limited knowledge.

Lack of knowledge about the stock market is something that, honestly, I used to be very conscious about. In my day-to-day life, I’m surrounded by men who know the stock market like the back of their hand, and have been making money off of it for years. My dad has been a life-long investor, and my boyfriend and his three male roommates actually had a point in time where they were competing against each other for how much each could make in the stock market every day. It gave me such a deep, uneasy feeling of being behind, and I never thought I’d catch up to them. But guess who has been joining into the stock banter lately? A girl who used to stay silent throughout every conversation.


11 Questions All First-Time Investors Have, Answered
an easy guide to finally feeling like you have the know-how to be an investor


How I felt four weeks later

After a few weeks of getting really comfortable, I started to follow some of their guidance and gathered information from other investors on what I might be interested in. I started a running list of stocks I was interested in investing in and watched what other investors were saying about each of them in my news feed.

One of my favorite parts of the app is the “theme” feature. It provides a list of different overarching stock themes, from cannabis to food delivery to even “Women in Charge,” which highlighted companies owned by women, and have lists of stocks to invest in under those umbrellas. I chose to sell one of my stocks and invest in Accenture Public, which is women-led and something I felt excited about making a priority for myself in my investing. It made investing feel more personal to me—I wasn’t copying what investing experts were telling me to do, but I was putting my money toward companies and leaders I truly believed in myself, which makes investing that much more enjoyable for me. 

Investing isn’t one-size-fits-all, nor should it be. There’s no rule that says I only need to invest in the stocks other investors say I should, and with Public, I’m able to learn about what I want to invest in in the future because it interests me. 


I learned it wasn’t worth being afraid of

Four weeks ago, the stock market felt like a big, scary thing that I needed a special set of skills to approach. I thought it was going to take me years and years to feel like how I feel right now: I have the basics under my belt and am excited to approach my future as an investor.

When I was given non-intimidating resources, I was able to not only understand investing but also actually enjoy the process and feel pride in doing something with my money—but I honestly don’t think I would have felt this way if I had approached it without Public. Public allowed me to learn and had resources that were meant for someone like me—a complete and utter beginner—and existed to help empower me without talking down to me or expecting me to Google every term they were using in order to understand. It gave me an easy-to-use app, community of like-minded investors, and tools to choose which stocks were the best for me to invest in. After all this time, I finally am an investor, and thanks to Public (and much to my surprise), I even feel confident about it. 


How To Invest When You’re Living Paycheck To Paycheck



Ready to sign up for yourself? Click here for a free slice of stock when you sign up with a new account!

Offer valid for U.S. residents 18+ and subject to account approval. There may be other fees associated with trading. See Public.com/disclosures/.


This post is sponsored by Public.com, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.